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Transport Kundid

Transport Kundid d.o.o. is authorized company for transfers and taxi services in Croatia. Our comfortable V.I.P. vehicles and friendly personnel will ensure a carefree arrival at your destination. Make an online reservation today !

Answers to frequently asked questions

- You can complete your booking online by using the displayed booking form on transportkundid.hr website. Just choose the date, your start-finish points and follow the link. The link will show you the type of vehicles and the prices of the transfer in one way and the price for a round trip.

- You can choose a standard car, luxury car ( 4 persons), minibus (7 persons).

- Our driver will come to pick you up at your desired destination. If your transfer starts at the airport, your driver will wait for you at the check-out exit holding a tag with your name on it.

- Transportkundid.hr taxi services offers transfers under fixed rates so that you know your expenses in advance and the price doesn't depend on the conditions on the route or the traffic.

- Your taxi driver will at all times be informed about your flight details and will collect you at the new time. We currently have an application "flight radar" through which we monitor your arrival in Split.

- Client's responsibility to warn us if a confirmation email is not reached or if the booking details incorrectly entered


- Upon reservation you will receive a message that your reservation is in the process and after the process has been completed, you will receive a notification about the status of your reservation. Processing can take up to a maximum of 5 hours (an average of one hours). Reservations are confirmed only after you receive a confirmation e-mail.

- When you receive confirmation of booking transfers to your e-mail, you will receive a contract with transportkundid.hr who verify the signature and bring it with you on a trip where upon arrival hand over the driver to confirm the reservation.

- If you lose your contract please contact transportkundid.hr support for customers and will send a new one.

- The contract guarantees the security of booking transfers (safe meeting at the airport, the transport of persons and luggage, guarantee quality of reverse transfer and transfer services).

- The contract consists of the name of the client and Transportation Kundid Ltd. , route transfer with the date and time of departure, transfer pricing and confirmation that the client ordered a transfer at transportkundid.hr.

- Contract you get is stamped and signed by the transportkundid.hr.

- You And your luggage are insured during transport with transportkundid.hr


- We do not charge extra the luggage of the passengers and you will be helped by the driver with its placement in the car.

- Children below 12 years are not allowed to travel without their parents. Children between 12-18 years must have an authorized statement from their parents. If your transfer requires a child seat, please notify us on time.

- Except transfer transportkundid.hr also offers transfers to return and wait. Tours can be organized according to your choice of destination with a driver and guide. The website transportkundid.hr have some of the top destinations.

- Smoking is not permitted during transport

- Pets are allowed if they are in their cages or cases.

- Transportkundid.hr works by driving you directly to your destination unless arranged otherwise.


- Payment transfer depends on the conditions of the booking. As a rule, you have the option of paying 20% of your credit card, and the rest 80% of the driver in cash and our service billing sent offer.

- You have the option to whole amount over your credit card goes to the Transport Kundid Ltd. in which case our service billing sent offer.

-Payment Transfer as possible directly to the driver in cash or credit-debit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Discovery), and is necessary to specify when booking charge cards directly to the driver.

- You have the option of paying via foreign currency transfers when booking if you choose this option. After booking, our operators will send you an offer. Depending on the country and the bank with which you make your payment, transfer of these funds may take up to a week. It is vital that you send via fax or e-mail the bank confirmation of payment, because otherwise we can not guarantee your reservation.

- Your credit card data provide a guarantee of your reservation, or are necessary for a payment in advance, depending on the terms and conditions of the selected transfer, as expressed in the transfer offer next to the transfer prices, and on the certificate you will receive after booking. To protect data from your credit card we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and your data is completely safe.

- If you pay via webshop, our service sends you an e-mail offer and link for payment transfers. The opening of the link allows you to pay via credit card through our bank. In the case of fraud and abuse of your credit card by a third person, most banks and credit card companies bear the risk and cover all costs arising from the abuse. In line with our high ethical standards we respect your privacy. Committed that your name, email address and credit card information required for booking will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

- One way price includes one transport from starting point to destination. Return price (round trip; both ways trip) includes the departure transfer to the starting point.

- Prices of transfer relate per vehicle.

- Everyone transportkundid.hr drivers are professional drivers with many years of experience and will be prepared for your transfer and meet with the route transfers.

- If you pay a transfer credit or debit cards over the webshop, the recieve will get you on your e-mail after the payment.


- If you want to change or cancel a reservation should be contact transportkundid.hr customer support at least 24 hours before the transfer.

- After receiving e-mail, change or cancel the reservation then you are sure that the transaction is conducted.